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… the old media, as instapundit’s glenn reynolds has blogged in The Guardian, wanted kerry to win. but good news! bush has won.
don't hate the media, become the media:

“Thanks to the internet, cable news channels and talk radio, media bias is easier to spot and easier for people to bypass. This not only changes views, but prevents the formation of a phoney consensus - what experts call "preference falsification" - resulting from widespread, and unified, media bias. …Those of you across the Atlantic may wish to take a lesson from this. As the BBC's atrocious handling of the Gilligan affair - and, indeed, its war coverage generally - illustrates, media bias is hardly limited to the United States. In fact, it's probably stronger elsewhere, and less noted, because there are fewer alternatives. Most countries have nothing like American-style talk radio, for example, because it poses far too great a threat to elites to be permitted. Still, British blogs like Samizdata, Biased BBC, Harry's Place and Normblog are providing alternative voices. Since I don't think that elite media have done a very good job during the decades of their dominance, I look forward to seeing alternative media make a difference around the world."

[And "the much-ballyhooed youth vote simply did not show up" (instapundit):
only about one in ten of the 18 - 24 years old went to the poll.]

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